How choosing a high quality shoe

August 15, 2017

Carino offers shoe produced according to Goodyear welted structure. The Goodyear welted construction is expensive than other construction, cause of time consuming and requires highly skillful artisan. Although, invented of hundreds year ago, it is still considered one of the nicest method of shoes construction. 

(Goodyear welted structure)

Thanks to Mr Charles Goodyear who patented Goodyear welt sewing machine in 1871 that can quickly stitch together the welt, upper and soles, improving the efficiency and speed of making shoes.

Goodyear welted sewing machine

(Goodyear sewing machine )

Choosing high – quality shoe is not just aesthetically but also many factors such as comfort, the durability of shoe; quality of sewing technique and material.

Among the techniques of footwear production, The Goodyear welting is one highest and most complicated technique; it is a perfect combination of Artisan and industry.

Goodyear welted shoe

( A combination of Artisan and Machine)

What are the reasons for choosing a Goodyear welted shoes? Some following advantages of the Goodyear’s technique:

Solidness: the stitching method of Goodyear technique ensures that perfect adherence of the outsole, midsole, insole, welt and upper, giving the shoe a top hardiness.

Stability: Goodyear sewing method that makes them so solid, to ensure that the shoes processed according to the Goodyear’s technique will last a long time, beyond the normal wear of the sole.

Comfort: The midsole that fill the space between the insole and outsole provide a comfortable support for the foot, making shoes beautiful and also comfortable.

Can be repair sole: most of the shoes on the market today, are of disposable quality. When the sole is broken, the shoes have to be thrown away because replacing the sole would mean to destroy the shoe. In a Goodyear welted shoe, sole can be replaced without any damage to the rest of the structure.

Design: thanks to the particular technique of stitching, these shoes have a peculiar design, in which the upper, in correspondence of the stitching, curve inwards respect to the edge of the sole. One feature that makes quality shoes perfectly recognizable.




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