PATINA – Individuality from the color rafts

August 14, 2017

PATINA – Individuality from the color rafts

A pair of shoes whole cut style - patina coloring

( a pair of shoes with Oxford toecap, patina coloring)

Originated from Berluti brand, nowadays,  shoes with patina coloring emerging are considered as a symbol of high –end shoes by focal attention to the colors and techniques of craft-man . So what is Patina and why are they so popular?

A pair of shoes - patina coloring

(a pair  of shoes with vintage style patina coloring)

Patina is the name given to dress shoes with subtle blends of color or different shades of light on the skin. Patina was developed around the 1970s, derived from the famous Berluti shoe company. Since the time of its appearance, Patina shoes have been regarded as a symbol of high-end dress shoes, as it is crystallization of skillful hands, aesthetics and extreme attention to the color effect of shoes makers.

(a pair of shoes with light Burgundy patina coloring)

One of the most interesting things about Patina is that you can create any effect and color on your shoes. first of all, the artisans will finish the shoes with crusts leather (normal is bright color) and then they  paint the shoes with dye, the color will be suited  to preference of each customer. Therefore, patina shoes are often bold personal colors and individuality that rarely have duplication. this is what creates a special attraction for patina shoes pair makes the tune extremely interested

Crusts leather shoes before color treament

( shoes with crusts leather before patina coloring)

Patina has always been an inspiration for shoe makers. Combining Patina shoes with a suitable outfit not only make it look elegant, but also bring the youthful personality of the gentleman. bellow there are some our patina style:

Man Boots

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